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Vote Dave Schrock-Shenk

Vote Dave

Consulting, print design, sign design, web design, web development


3 weeks


Nonprofit - Political



The Challenge

Dave Schrock-Shenk, a long time resident of Goshen, Indiana, came to the Studio with an interesting situation. He wished to run for city council and the primary was occurring in less than a month. Never having run for office, Dave had little branding or materials prepared for the campaign and was running against a twenty year incumbent.

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Creating the Message

In the Studio’s opinion, Dave had an opportunity to set himself apart from his competitors in terms of design, innovation, and ideas. We worked with him over the course of a week to develop branding, a website, and print supports for his message. After performing market research in the area, it was discovered that the most effective slogan for the campaign was “Vote Dave” based on the response of the direct marketing.

Shortly thereafter, the website was deployed with the branding and message attached. Flyers and street signs were then distributed quickly, directing people to the website for more information. Interest in the campaign quickly spiked as the town was buzzing asking, “Who is Dave?” The campaign was extensively effective in sparking interest surrounding it.

More than anything else, we were careful to allow Dave to use his personality in the campaign materials. His attitude and ideas were what propelled the branding and design behind the campaign.

A Testimonial from Dave

Studio Ace of Spade designed a website and other campaign materials for my recent run for the Goshen City Council. Their performance was outstanding on a number of levels. They sat with me and my campaign team during a number of early brainstorming session, then captured the essence of my message and created a very effective card to hand out in door to door campaigning. They did background research on political websites, then created a website that was visually appealing, and very accessible. They researched options for sourcing yard signs and mailers, and presented me with both local and national sources. They combined beautiful visuals with technological proficiency. Studio Ace of Spade is not only conversant with current trends in technology and design, they are doing groundbreaking work in both. It was a pleasure to work with them, and a pleasure to recommend their services.

The Final Product

We brought forth the best in Dave's political beliefs, and helped him shape them in a way that was understandable to everyone.

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The front of the flyer that we created for the campaign.

final product image

The back of the flyer that we created for the campaign.

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