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Pumpkinvine Cyclery

Company branding, print materials, web design and development


1.5 months


Retail - Cycling



The Challenge

Studio Ace of Spade was contracted by Pumpkinvine Cyclery to re-imagine their branding, and apply it to their printed materials and website. The website needed to be easily content managed.

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Kicking off the Branding

After meeting with client several times and planning out the direction they wanted to take their identity, we began the sketching phase. After interviewing members of their target market, we discovered that most of their clients new them by name only wouldn’t necessarily recognize their logo if they saw it. We decided to pursue a direction based upon strong iconographic imagery. We also learned that their client-base was very much enthusiastic to the outdoors, as well as partaking in longer, serious road riding.

Wrapping up the Identity

Through several revisions and additional meetings, talking with their clients, and sending our work out for review in the design community, we progressed towards a finalized product. We initially explored concepts that were similar to many of the metallic tags found on bikes from the 1950’s through the early 1980’s. As we worked our way through those ideas, we began to feel strongly that we should take inspiration from those ideas, but refocus on iconography. As soon as we did that, the idea for utilizing a gear whirled into our heads. As we pushed the concepts further, the gear became a strong focal point.

After finalizing the gear icon, we developed the final logo into a ‘stamp’, a logo that was all encompassing. We set the name into the gear, and after going through a font list with over 100 eligible fonts, the client settled upon Arvil – a clean, professional, and working-line font. After working with the client to choose colors and variants of the logo for different print and digital formats, we had finished the brand.

Knocking out the Website

Upon finishing the identity work, we quickly moved on to the website in order to keep the project on track for completion in such a short amount of time. The branding dictated that we were to use only white and shades of near-black for the logo on digital and printed materials. Thus, we utilized a dark, nature themed background image for the site, allowing us to leave the logo mark outside of any containing box as the brand guidelines we developed specified.

After analyzing competitors’ sites, we identified key components that needed to be included in Pumpkinvine’s site. These were developed by talking with our client, as well as looking at what competitors did well – along with what they didn’t. This was our major hitlist for the site:


  • Contact information should be easy to find.
  • Hours of the shop should be prominently featured.
  • Customers want to know what brands are carried prior to coming to the store.
  • Places to ride and things to do while biking should be provided to customers. The more useful information we provide, the more we establish our image as the helpful bike shop.
  • Include a main link to the services provided by the shop other than simply product purchasing.

The Final Product

The client was thrilled, and so were we. We wrapped up the project on time and on budget, not mentioning with a beautiful brand and shiny new web presence. We learned a lot from this project, and even got to test drive a few bikes.

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A quick shot of the home page. Notice how the hours and directions to the store are included directly in the header.

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final product image

The main brand and its secondary marks used for smaller printed materials.

final product image

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