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A debut novel by Connor Pritchard.

Order of the Magi

Book cover, branding, print design


1 month


Retail - Literature



The Challenge

Working with a writer as known as Connor Pritchard was going to be an honor - but, we needed to deliver a high-quality product in a short amount of time.

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Understanding the situation

Connor Pritchard has known success as one of the co-creators, writer, and executive producers of the Comedy Central show  Workaholics.

But beyond that show, he has plenty of other projects. One of them is the Order of the Magi series. The story is centered around the mythical Order of the Magi, and on their impact on the course of History.

About the Book

“(…) The Order of the Magi reveals the shrouded history behind the world’s most ancient and ubiquitous symbols, and the gripping tale of the characters who seek to reveal its mysteries – a deck of playing cards will never appear the same.

Isaac Alexander, a seventeen-year-old studying abroad in Gibraltar, is plagued by a recurring nightmare that threatens to push the boundaries of his sanity. Meanwhile, Isaac’s parents – stationed in Morocco on a humanitarian aid mission – are suddenly taken hostage by unknown captors, but not before Isaac’s father dispatches young Zahra to deliver a puzzling wooden box to his son and Issac’s uncle Jack, a former Royal Marine.

In a Mediterranean adventure full of historical mysteries, secret societies, astronomy, numerology and primeval artifacts, Isaac and his companions embark on an exciting race to discover the clandestine history of the contents within the mysterious box.”

Creating the Brand and Cover

The work was simple: provide an exciting cover design, that would match the epicness of the story. We would need to intrigue the reader, and give them a glimpse of the mysteries that were awaiting them.

A subtle mix of intricate and esoteric geometrical patterns, coupled with our texture science, gave us this perfect result. The design is a nod to ancient grimoires, with a contemporary twist. The back of the book features a chart that allow you to pair your birthday and your card. For instance, July 9th is six of diamonds.

The Final Product

Simply put, the client loved the work. It was perhaps one of the most intriguing and engaging projects we had worked on at the point.

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A shot of the front and back covers.

final product image

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