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Ambidextrous by TEKSTartist

Web design, web development, e-commerce, advanced jQuery & JavaScript, advanced CMS


1 month


Retail - Clothing



The Challenge

Jason Markow - TEKSTartist - came to us with a shirt concept that he wanted to retail online. He wanted it to be a standalone, responsive store rather than just another product lost in the crowd. We had to work quickly and efficiently to turn out an e-commerce site on a tight budget.

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A Unique Site for a Unique Product

The idea of Ambidextrous was created on a whim as a creative experiment by Jason Markow, a.k.a. TEKSTartist. It is simply the word “ambidextrous” written with his non-dominant hand. After getting feedback from his peers in the art community, he decided to create a run of shirts for sale.

Jason envisioned this site to be dead simple, focusing purely on the shirt, and having a dead simple checkout system, all while being fully responsive.

The Design & Build

After many conversations of the most eye catching way to go about it, we decided to focus on the simplicity and the uniqueness of the product with just that, a simple but unique design.

With the shirt itself being the focal point, we wanted to make sure the information was just as easy to follow. To keep distractions to a minimum, we used sans serif fonts, and simple one to two word messaging.

Building this was much trickier than the look of the site would lead one to believe. We needed to make sure that each page, including every all available sizes of mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, had the image of the shirt “above the fold”, and standing out. What ensued was a myriad of tests on different browsers at standard resolutions, as well as devices with different widths or orientations, every step of the way through the checkout process.

The Final Product

Jason was very pleased with the result and how straightforward it was; an eye-catching site for an eye-catching product.

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A quick shot of the simplistic homepage.

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final product image

We kept the cart page as simple as possible. No frills, no gimmicks.

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final product image

We used an accordion on the checkout page with auto-progress to make the process of checking out easier.

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final product image

A view of the responsive homepage.

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