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Culturally Progressive Radio

91.1 The Globe

Branding, identity consulting, print design, apparel design, web design, web development, responsive


3 months


Nonprofit - Education



The Challenge

The Globe’s branding at the time hadn't been worked on in more than 10 years. This left the best college radio station in the nation looking more like a radio station from 1989. Not to say that it was bad, but it certainly didn't match the culturally progressive identity that the station itself had.

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Understanding the situation

WGCS – 91.1 The Globe is Goshen College’s is our alma mater’s radio station. Two thousand eleven marked the first year the Globe won the best college radio station in the nation award. It’s one of the only college radio station run by actual students, under the supervision of Paul Housholder and  Jason Samuel.

As alumnis of Goshen College, and supporters of the Globe, we had to do something. After talking with the client and working out a battle plan, it had been decided that we would help them with:

  • A new identity
  • Print materials to support the identity
  • Materials for their yearly donation campaign
  • A new website to increase listenernship and engagement

Entering the branding phase

As we started the brand, we had concepts that spanned a wide array of areas. We sat down with the client, as well as students who ran the station looking for a solid direction. We worked to develop key identity phrasing with them, eventually coming up with the phrase of ‘culturally progressive’. It was also clear that they enjoyed the idea of broadcasting to their audience and engaging them, not merely playing music and talk shows.

We continued working, refining the concepts down to a core group of solid ideas. At that point, we turned them over to the client for final feedback and revisions. A few more weeks of pounding out the final versions gave us a beautiful result.

The new brand draws inspiration in the Globe’s over half a century long history, as well as in its playlist’s eclectic mix of musical horizons. The iconic microphone serves as a reminder of it being the primary tool of the disc jockey. The lightning is an allegory for both the dynamism of the station and for the radio waves.

The dynamic color palette draws from bright, mostly warm colors. This helps us to create a much more modern and alive brand image, as opposed to the faded greens and yellows of the former palette.

Developing Supplementary Materials

After we wrapped up the branding, we needed to focus on various supplemental materials. Through several revisions, we developed all of the printed materials first. These included the business cards, letterheads, and more.

When that was finished, the drive for the big yearly donation drive was starting up. We had an extremely limited time to get the materials ready for that. After hunting all over for the best deals in the country to keep costs as low as possible for our client, we finally had our specifications for starting the design. In under a week, we cranked out mugs, tshirts, stickers, bags, and more.

Building the Website

The web presence was a different beast in and of itself. We waited until the branding phase was done to begin working on it. During the branding phase, we had developed a feature list as well as starting to work with sketches and wireframes. So, when the branding was completed, we were off to the races designing it. Part of the key that we focused on in the design was putting the main information that people go to the website for front and center. For The Globe, this was:

  • The song player
  • What song was currently playing
  • Previous songs that had been played

Once we had the design in hand, we began developing. Some of the unique features on the site were:

  • An ability to create a user account to bookmark songs, which also gave the station access to key information about their most popular programs and music
  • A simplified blogging platform
  • An HTML5, multi-browser compatible, integrated station player
  • A simplified sitemap for easy management of the site

The Final Product

The result of all of this hard labor was a beautiful new brand and a website that engaged listeners, informing them, and allowing them to bookmark their music. The donation drive for the printed materials turned out wonderfully, and we got some awesome mugs and t-shirts out of it all. There's nothing like wearing something that you designed.

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The Globe's homepage in a standard browser window. Note how the player is integrated directly into the page.

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The signup form is simple to fill out and allows both login and signup in a singular place.

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A demonstration of the standard subpage template developed for use site-wide.

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