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If you can imagine it,
we can make it.

That's our daily mantra. There's never a project too ambitious for us to take on. It doesn't matter how crazy it sounds - crunched timeframe, small budget - we'll take it on.

We do design

design beautifully

We do development

develop artfully

We do consulting

analyze carefully

It's a pleasure to meet you.

From our cozy nook in Goshen, Indiana, we collaborate with clients from all over the world. Our talent brought us together, but it's our passion for the work we do that keeps us going.

Jon Savage

Jon Savage

Owner and Lead Developer

Jon is a founder, and the web leader at the Studio, especially when it comes to WordPress. If it’s a web technology, chances are he’s already played around with it, broke it, fixed it, broke something else while fixing it, cried, and then made it work flawlessly.

Outside of the office, he enjoys fishing, Magic: The Gathering, attempting to cook, and every documentary on Netflix. And, video games. Don’t forget that.

Michael Yoder

Michael Yoder

Web Developer

Michael is a recent graduate working in-office as a developer for the Studio. While he prefers server side application development, he's also not opposed to mucking around in javascript and jQuery when the occasion arises.

While not working, he enjoys baking, reading, napping and getting destroyed in Smash Bros.

Ted Pagonis

Ted Pagonis

Web Developer

Ted is a developer for the studio, working remotely in Indianapolis. He specializes in front end design and layout, as well as being the go-to quick fix guy. Don't ask him to critique something though; he is a pixel perfectionist and you might be there a while.

Beyond work hours, Ted loves trying new foods, beers, and music. If there is a place hosting karaoke, chances are, Ted is there.


Kendall "Nintendo Lover" Friesen

Web Developer

Kendall is an in-house developer for the studio working with front end development and building out customized Content Management Systems.

Other than work, Kendall enjoys Super Smash Bros., playing the banjo, and long, sensual walks on the beach. He also loves it when other people write his bio for him.

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